Our Story

At Luxury Hotel Escapes, we are dedicated to curating an extraordinary journey for health-conscious travellers seeking memorable experiences that blend luxury, wellness, and the art of enjoying life’s wonders.

We are committed to inspire and empower you to elevate your mind, body, and spirit, while exploring the hidden gems of our planet.
Our mission is to provide a platform that guides you towards the most beautiful escapes. Here you can discover opportunities to immerse yourself in rejuvenating experiences, surrounded by the finest comforts and facilities.

We handpick the most exquisite wellness hotels, health retreats, and luxurious getaways that embody the essence of holistic well-being.
We go beyond hotel recommendations.

We believe that travel is an opportunity for transformation and rejuvenation. Our reviews provide a portal into the realm of sustainable health and happiness. With each feature, we invite you to embark on a path of self-discovery and renewal, helping you unwind and look after your well-being.

Our team of travel experts and health enthusiasts are passionate about uncovering hidden gems, stunning havens and magical sanctuaries that offer more than just extravagance.

With a deep appreciation for aesthetic pleasures, we aim to enrich your journey with a tapestry of holistic treatments, healthy gastronomy, and the chance to connect with authentic cultures, fostering a sense of gratitude and harmony with life.

Welcome to our oasis of travel, health and wellness. Let us be your trusted guide as you embark on an immersive, soul-enriching voyage to experience the essence of what the world has to offer.


James Bellis

James is a food and drink entrepreneur. His passion for travel, food and hospitality is why Luxury Hotel Escapes was born.

James is also founder of healthy coffee brand @balancecoffee and the popular London publication Eating in London.


Mel Endorphine

Having lived and worked remotely for over a decade, Mel has stayed in hundreds of hotels in exotic countries all over the world.

Bringing together her creative eye and dynamic writing style to keep you inspired as you uncover your new favourite places.

Hotel Photographer

Roman Binder

Carefully sourced for his decade of experience in the hotel sector worldwide.

Roman is our go-to landscape photographer helping to create stunning images that best capture the essence of our luxury hotels.