The Sanctuary Hotel Review | Koh Phangan

The Sanctuary Hotel Review | Koh Phangan

Nestled along the eastern shores of the renowned Koh Phangan, one of the globe's most iconic islands, lies Thailand's most sought-after wellness getaway - The Sanctuary Hotel. 

But what makes this hotel so desirable and alluring? Read on to find out.

Arrival by Boat

Being able to only access the Hotel by boat or a long hike builds excitement from the outset. We hopped aboard a traditional Thai long-tail boat, gracefully gliding us across the crystal-clear blue waters vacating the neighbouring full moon party beach of Haad Rin.

No worries there, you're darting forward to a quiet, hidden retreat on the most south-easterly part of the island. 

Something indescribable strikes you as you enter Haad Tien Bay, The Sanctuary's private and secluded beach casts a spell over you with a hit of calming, grounding energy. 

You won't find crashing waves here, and that's exactly why The Sanctuary hotel will transport you to paradise in a single moment. The turquoise-blue sea has a hypnotising power as you gaze out into the distance following the stillness and calm waves rippling across the gulf of Thailand. 

Coming Home

Greeted by incredibly warm and friendly staff, your arrival to the Sanctuary beach will feel like you're coming home. Climbing out of the boat into clear waters, setting your sights on the the unparalleled charm and natural beauty of this magical location.

The Sanctuary describes itself as a 'realm of tranquility' and we can certainly vouch for that. 

Upon arrival, we kicked-back with locally produced, cool, refreshing kombucha -  giving us that thirst-quenching feeling in the peak Thailand sun. 

There's no denying that this bay is home to a very special beauty, bringing all of your dreams to life with its raw, superb coastline.

The abundance of rock formations are intertwined into every facet of this Hotel. From the iconic boulders situated in the shallow waters, whilst also appearing in the architecture of the restaurant and rooms throughout, making this jungle tree-house resort truly special. 

Time to Unwind

Lounge on a cosy hammock and watch the scattered palms overlooking the hilltops. Let the vibrant colour pallet help you to forget all of life's worries as you cast your eyes on luscious greenery surrounding the exterior of the Sanctuary. 

A simple reminder of the dense nature available to you on this beautiful tropical island.

We realised that luxury is not found city skyscrapers but found in simplicity which is what The Sanctuary truly delivers.

Rooms & Accommodation 

The Sanctuary resort provides guests with a wide range of room styles and sizes to suit all price ranges. However, we were here to experience the Star House in all of it's tree-house inspired glory.

The rooms are over 30 years old, carrying a timeless feel whilst being wrapped by a huge luscious green undergrowth.

Become one with the jungle as you accompany Koh Phangan's natural wildlife among the treetops. Perfectly elevated to unplug from technology so you can plug in fully to nature. 

We decided to nickname this this particular room 'King of the Jungle' due to it's unique positioning at one of the highest points - with superb viewing access of both the bay and jungle surroundings. 

Seeking a chance to relax and be at one with mother nature? Navigate through the cave-like bathroom interior, bringing this jungle experience to life.  

For us one of the highlights was experiencing the rooftop bath while enjoying cold pressed juices and healthy snacks. But ultimately, what we enjoyed most about Star House was it's privacy and gorgeous views.


Early bird? Catch a glimpse of the beautiful sunrise before your early morning yoga class and you'll be treated with sensational sights of the bay at dawn. 

You won't catch sunsets on this side of the island, but the magical morning sunrises overlooking the ocean totally hit the spot. 

Rise and shine with the jungle, and watch wild monkeys swinging from branch to branch inspecting Star House from afar. 

Food & Hospitality

Their passion and love for food is at the very heart of The Sanctuary's getaway experience. Bringing in Organic items daily by boat demonstrates their commitment to health and wellbeing. Everything is incredibly fresh and you can taste the love in every dish, as quality shines through their entire menu.

Choose to dine in the shade or outside on the beach with glorious views. But don't worry - if you accidentally overeat like we did, the expansive beanbags situated in front of the restaurant will catch you as you top up on some well-needed sun.

For the health-conscious out there (that's us) you can spoil yourself rotten with healthy treats that hit the spot without any sense of guilt.

One of our favourite dishes must try's is the Vegan Pad Thai along with their catch of the day specials. 

Yoga & Wellness Experiences 

At the end of our stay, we enjoyed a truly rejuvenating day that left us truly refreshed. The morning yoga class was led by an excellent teacher and set the perfect tone for our last day.

We practiced yoga inside the tranquil jungle-inspired Shala which was not just magical, but provided us with a very calming experience.

Afterwards we were treated to full body Thai massages by incredibly skilled therapists. It’s safe to say that these were among the best massages we’ve had in Thailand and we know this place well.

If you're looking for a wellness experience you've come to the right place. We experienced pure relaxation, detox, and a well-being kick - exactly what we needed to fully recharge. 

The Sanctuary offers more than just tranquility and detox. For those seeking vibrant nights of dancing, follow the path to Eden & Bamboo. Here, you can dance the night away to finest techno beats, knowing that your cozy bed is just a few steps away. Highly recommend if you stay over the weekends. 

Finally, for us The Sanctuary is not just one of the most magical places in Thailand - it’s also the place where we fell in love and begun our Luxury Hotel Escapes journey. 

Stay tuned for our next review and b
ook The Sanctuary today for your next escape!

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